Thermos Vacuum Flasks Temperature Display

Thermos Vacuum Flasks Temperature Display

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Nothing beats a hot brew on a chilly day or a cold drink on a hot sunny day and the best way to keep beverages in the temperature you desire is by packing this Temperature Display Water Bottle in your rucksack.

Thermos Vacuum Flasks Temperature Display is sleek and trendy and will replace all those old water bottles cluttering up your cupboards.  No need to open the lid.  The intelligent display cup cover will tell you the temperature of your hot or cold beverage.  The cup mouth is round and smooth and comfortable for drinking.  This thermos looks and feels great! 

This 500ml (16 oz) thermos has practical features like a stainless steel inner cover, stainless steel tea compartment, and non-slip wear resistant bottom.   Double-walled construction made of the highest quality food grade materials.  Copper-plated liner traps and vacuum insulation trap the heat and cold from your beverages. 

Built-in smart chip and sensor give real-time temperature display in the cup cover.  LCD touch screen reveals the your beverage temperature at a touch and long-lasting battery means you never need to recharge.  Perfect for carrying in the car, at the office, at the gym, camping, cycling, hiking or just walking. Perfect for busy professionals, active families, athletes, sports fans, and anybody else who is on the go.  Also a great gift idea for family or friends.


  • Powerful insulation: dual wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks hot or cold for 24 hours
  • LCD screen: touch the cap 1 second to show the water temperature to let you be aware of water being too hot or cold
  • Expired water reminder: enable you to develop healthier water consumption habits
  • Food-grade material: SUS 304 adopted to make sure the bottle is food-grade and safe to health
  • Waterproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport
  • Anti-slip bottom for added security
  • Ideal for outdoor sports, office, picnic, hiking, camping, cycling, running, fitness and more

Six methods of removing odors:

1. Pour hot water into the cup, add baking soda, shake it, drop it after a few minutes, and remove the odor.
2. toothpaste can not only remove the odour of the teeth, but also remove the smell in the cup. Wash the cup with toothpaste, and the smell will disappear immediately.
3. Prepare salt water, pour it into a teacup, shake it and place it for a while, then pour it out and rinse it with clean water.
4. Tea cups can be boiled in tea for 5 minutes, then washed with clean water and dried, no odor.
5. Pour half a cup of warm water into the cup, then pour a few spoons of milk into it, shake it gently, and then pour it out after a few minutes. Rinse with clean water.



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